We are StickerAwesome.com

We make a lot of awesome stickers for many of your favorite brands. 

We can also make stickers for your league and/or business!
League Sponsorship Idea:
  1. You find a local Sticker Sponsor. This can be a community business that also supports your league with other ads and promotions. Use this ad money to have Sticker Awesome make you an awesome sheet of stickers
  2. We make you a lot of sticker sheets with your Sticker Sponsor’s logo and your league promotions. 
  3. Give the Sticker Sponsor a stack of sticker sheets and a thank you note. The Sticker Sponsor now has their own stickers they can peel off and use. They can hand out the whole sheet to promote their business and promote their sponsorship of your league.
  4. Now the sticker sheets are paid for and ready to use for promotion. Hand out these sheets at events. Use them to promote within the community and sell other ads.
  5. Celebrate your success and start again for your next season.

Send us a message and let's plan your sticker project!